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CCV of Indiana PAC has been formed to support Traditional - Profamily values in Local Municipal, County and State Elections.

CCV of Indiana PAC

Joseph P. Sergio, Ph.D.

Patrick E. Mangan

2008 Indiana House & Senate Profamily Issues Voting Record
Advance America's 2008 Indiana House & Senate Profamily Issues Voting Record voter guides adressing the Marriage, Gambling and Abortioon votes in the Senate and several profamily issues of interest in the House.

Election '08 Endorsements:
We urge our profamily friends to vote for the following candidates...

Indiana Right to Life PAC urges your support for these candidates

Concerned Women for America Candidate Comparison

AFA Voter Issue Guide

Advance America Voter Guide -- St. Joseph County

Wallbuilders Voter Issue Guide

Howey Politics Indiana on AG Race 5-30-08

AFA Questions Heavy Handed Tactics Bering Used By Somwe in the AG Race 5-29-08

Leading Profamily Organization Endorses Zoeller for AG 5-29-08

22 Republican Party County Chairmen Announce support for Zoeller 5-28-08

Congresswman Souder and former Vice President Dan Quale Endorse Zoeller for Attorney General 5-19-08

Carter Backs Top Deputy Zoeller for AG Run 5-16-08

Carter Endorses Zoeller 5-16-08

AG Steve Carter Endorses Zoeller 5-16-08

Zoeller, Costas Carry Hefty Endorsements into Attorney General Race 5-15-08

Zoeller and Costas bring experience to AG Race 4-13-08

Attorney General Race the One to Watch 3-25-08

Indiana Primary Election Endorsements . . . as reported by AFA Indiana
Indiana Right to Life's PAC has made several endorsements in key state legislative primary elections, which will occur on May 6th. There are several candidates in contested (Republican) primaries who line up with strong pro-life positions based upon their voting record and/or candidate issue surveys. Here is the IRTL PAC endorsement list :

Senate District 12 - Carlin Yoder, James Erb (dual endorsement)
Senate District 18 - Phil Messer, Brian Thomas (dual endorsement)
Senate District 24 - Connie Lawson
Senate District 28 - Beverly Gard
Senate District 36 - Brent Waltz
Senate District 42 - Jean Leising

House District 4 - Ed Soliday
House District15 - Don Lehe
House District 22 - Bill Ruppel
House District 24 - Rich McClain
House District 34 - Ted Baker
House District 37 - Kelly Gaskill
House District 40 - Greg Steurwald
House District 47 - Ralph Foley
House District 49 - Wes Culver
House District 50 - Dan Leonard
House District 85 - Robert Lee
House District 87 - Cindy Noe
House District 89 - Chris Swatts
House District 90 - Mike Murphy

Election '07 Endorsements:
We urge our profamily friends to vote for the following candidates . . .

View our PDF flyer here (432k)

City of South Bend City of Mishawaka City of Elkhart
Mayor: Juan Manigault (R)
Juan Manigault for Mayor, South Bend Website

City Clerk: John Voorde (D)

Common Council:
-1st District: Derek Deiter (D)
-2nd District: Henry Davis, Jr. (D)
-3rd District:
-4th District: Gary King (R)
-5th District: Dave Varner (R)
-6th District:
(Select 3 At Large)
-At Large: Tim Rouse (D) - South Bend Councilman Tim Rouse's Website
-At Large: Jim Frick (R)
-At Large: Karen White (D)
-At Large: Wayne Curry (R) - Wayne Curry for Council, South Bend Website

Local Mayoral Races:
CCV PAC of Indiana is endorsing a challenger, an incumbent, and a candidate in the South Bend, Mishawaka and Elkhart Mayoral races.

In South Bend, our endorsement is for Juan Manigault. Juan is solidly profamily and frankly South Bend desperately needs a change.

Mayor: Jeff Rea (R)
Mishawaka Mayor Jeff Rea's Website

City Clerk: Debbie Lodyga-Block (D)

Common Council:
-1st District: Woody Emmons (D)
-2nd District: Dave Wood (R)
-3rd District: Jason "Maz" Mazurkiewicz (R)
-4th District: Marsha McClure (R)
-5th District: Michael Compton (D)
-6th District: David Schmidt (R)

(Vote for 3 At-Large)
-At-Large: John Gleissner(D)
-At-Large: Matt Dodd (R)
-At Large: Greg Hixenbaugh (D)
-At Large: John Roggeman (D)

Local Mayoral Races:
In Mishawaka, our endorsement is for Mayor Jeff Rea. Jeff has enforced the Adult Business Ordinance and has presided over a thriving local economy that has afforded families many opportunities for employment. Unlike South Bend, where change is a must, Mishawaka will do well with more of the same conservative oversight.

Jim Pettit for Mayor, Elkhart Website

Local Mayoral Races:
In Elkhart, our endorsement is for Jim Pettit. Elkhart has a great profamily Mayor in Dave Miller. If Miller were running again he would have been the hands down choice. Petit has been serving the City on the Council and was endorsed by Miller. He is expected to continue the family-friendly policies that Mayor Miller brought to Elkhart.

Profamily Values in Action . . .

Our Mission
Protect men, women and children from the misinformation of sexual activists, and the harms of sexual addictions, sexual predators, sexually oriented businesses, materials harmful to minors, broadcast indecency, and the porn/sex industry in all of its forms, by promoting the principles of the Judeo/Christian ethic which is the foundation of our nation.
Our Vision Empower concerned citizens and community leaders to significantly reduce sexual exploitation, sexual promiscuity and sexual abuse in Indiana and beyond by:
  • Increasing public awareness of the harmful effects of pornography-inspired sexual promiscuity, addiction, and abuse particularly in the lives of children.
  • Supporting the enactment, defense and enforcement, within the Constitution, of limitations on the porn /sex industry in all of its forms.
  • Lovingly opposing the legitimacy of all extramarital sexual relationships.
  • Faithfully supporting the traditional family based on the premise that marriage equals one man and one woman.
  • Offering assistance to people suffering from the results of sexual addiction, sexual confusion, sexual promiscuity, and sexual abuse.

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