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ELECTION '07: CCV PAC Losses & Accomplishments


We lost the opportunity to have Juan Manigault's Godly leadership in South Bend in the Mayor's office.

We also lost the opportunity to have the benefit of Jim Frick, Gary King, and Wayne Curry serve on the South Bend Common Council.

We also lost the opportunity to have Matt Dodd's Godly leadership on the Mishawaka Council.


  • Bipartisan CCV PAC-supported candidates were the highest vote getters in South Bend!  Specifically our supported candidates were number one, number two, and number 5, 6, 7, & 8th in highest number of voter totals across the City.  In all, 6 of the top 8 vote getters are our friends!  Imagine how that could impact upcoming issue votes and elections! If you only read the headlines, you will not know the facts . . .

        Candidate               Office          Vote Total      Won/Lost
        John Voorde (D) City Clerk       14,709           W
        Karen White (D) City Council     12,477           w
        Steve Luecke  (D)       Mayor            12,231            w
        Buddy Kirsits (D)               City Council      11,907                   w
        Tim Rouse (D)           City Council     11,276           w
        Jim Frick (R)           City Council      7,667           L
        Juan Manigault (R)      Mayor             7,369           L
        Wayne Curry (R) City Council      5,915           L

  • CCV PAC-endorsed candidates below will hold 15 of twenty two elected offices in South Bend & Mishawaka. Although 5 offices were uncontested, twice as many more (or 10 more) candidates won or held  the elected office they had previously been elected to. 

        -Because both Councils voted unanimously in the past for the Adult Business Ordinance
        -and because the Mishawaka Council has supported strong enforcement in Mishawaka
        -and because the South Bend Council has lovingly opposed the Homosexual Agenda
        These are strategic profamily public policy partners.
        SOUTH BEND
        Candidate               Office          Vote Total      Vote % 
        John Voorde (D) City Clerk      14,709          100
        Karen White (D) City Council    12,477           23
        Tim Rouse (D)           City Council    11,276           21
        Derek Dieter (D)        City Council 1    2,132          77
        Henry Davis (D)         City Council 2    2,250         100
        David Varner (R)        City Council 5    2,860          63

        CCV  also has positive experiences working with Tom & Jill LaFountain on the "Inferno" problem  in the past and expect to work closely with Tom in      office on key profamily issues.  Although we have little knowledge of Oliver Davis we also look forward to working with him as well.

        Candidate               Office          Vote Total      Vote % 
        Jeff Rea (R)            Mayor             5,200          53
        Debbie Ladyga-Block (D) City Clerk        6,962         100
        John Roggeman (D)       City Council      5,926          23
        Gregg Hixenbaugh (D)    City Council      5,657          22
        John Gleissner D)       City Council      5,626          22
        Woody Emmons (D)        City Council 1    1,094         100
        Dave Wood (R)           City Council 2    1,282          66
        Marsha McClure (R)      City Council 4    1,133          60
        Michael Compton (D)     City Council 5            1,047         100

  • CCV PAC-endorsed candidates who lost, campaigned well and have earned respect in the public policy process.  Each can add strength to our public efforts on key issues . . .

        Jim Frick earned the endorsement of CCV PAC, the South Bend Tribune, and was the highest vote getter not to be elected.  Jim is a force to be reckoned  with and his voice of support on profamily matters will aid our cause greatly in the future as it has in the past.

        Juan Manigault  earned the endorsement and support of the CCV PAC, ran one of the most effective campaigns in South Bend history, survived a    relentless negative television attack campaign crafted by and paid for by resources apparently gathered from across the state.  Initial indications are that    Democrats from across the state rallied  and the Luecke campaign expended over $100,000 in Television ad production and commercials.  Joe Kernan's      campaign manager was brought in  to sure up the effort to help Luecke survive for the last couple months of the race.  Ultimately Juan and his team and         all of our efforts did not overcome the Democratic Machine at work in South Bend.  Juan is on his way up and is one of our closest friends.  His voice  was extremely helpful in our efforts to lovingly oppose the homosexual agenda. And he has served twice as the Master of Ceremonies at CCV's Annual      Awards & Benefit Dinner. Who knows where his road will lead in the next few years . . . to another run for Mayor? for State elected Office? or even     Washington D.C.?

        Wayne Curry earned the endorsement of CCV PAC is a friend on all the issues and earned almost 6,000 votes as a first time candidate.  His voice and     support as a CCV PAC friend is of great value.

        Gary King earned the endorsement of CCV PAC and the respect of all as a first time candidate who got more than 1,000 votes and nearly 30 % of the vote  against long time Councilwoman Ann Puzello.  Gary's  energetic campaign was acknowledged by the South Bend Tribune and was refreshing to all who        worked with him.

        Matt Dodd is another individual who earned the endorsement of CCV PAC and will be a friend in the future on all the profamily issues.  As in Wayne      Curry's case in South Bend we offered 4 endorsements for 3 position At-Large in Mishawaka.  And Jason "Maz" Mazurkiewicz who was endorsed by CCV        PAC and the South Bend Tribune -- who lost his bid for re-election by just 5 votes has certainly gained the attention of many as a young public servant.

        In addition to these capable individuals are the party officials, staff members, volunteers, and donors who supported these candidates and who are in   many cases, key friends of our profamily cause.

The facts are the facts.  In some key races we experienced some difficult losses. Even painful losses.  But the rest of the facts are equally true. We have also achieved more than most who oppose us  thought possible.  Our standards and expectations are high. Our accomplishments are many.  Our friendships are strong. Our movement is unified and our resolve is unyielding!

Please remember all those above who won or lost, in prayer.  May God convict the hearts of those that oppose us and number the footsteps of those who are with us as we serve Him . . .

In Him,


Patrick Mangan
CCV of Indiana PAC


Our Mission
Protect men, women and children from the misinformation of sexual activists, and the harms of sexual addictions, sexual predators, sexually oriented businesses, materials harmful to minors, broadcast indecency, and the porn/sex industry in all of its forms, by promoting the principles of the Judeo/Christian ethic which is the foundation of our nation.
Our Vision Empower concerned citizens and community leaders to significantly reduce sexual exploitation, sexual promiscuity and sexual abuse in Indiana and beyond by:
  • Increasing public awareness of the harmful effects of pornography-inspired sexual promiscuity, addiction, and abuse particularly in the lives of children.
  • Supporting the enactment, defense and enforcement, within the Constitution, of limitations on the porn /sex industry in all of its forms.
  • Lovingly opposing the legitimacy of all extramarital sexual relationships.
  • Faithfully supporting the traditional family based on the premise that marriage equals one man and one woman.
  • Offering assistance to people suffering from the results of sexual addiction, sexual confusion, sexual promiscuity, and sexual abuse.

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